Jam and Coconut Sponge - those were the days

We've been asking the staff here at Mahons what their favourite dessert on the menu is ?  This lot are not shy about telling us what they like and some clearly have a very sweet tooth.  From rhubarb crumble, bread and butter pudding,  jam and coconut sponge and apple and cinnamon sponge there seems to be quite a lot to choose from here.   We started chatting about why what they chose made it their favourite.  "It reminds me of school dinners..........in a good way" one staff member said.  "It reminds me of being a child at school and hot custard poured over warm, sweet jam and coconut sponge, we used to watch the clock  until dinner time.  Those were the days! ".  So now all you have to do is to guess which staff member it was that was reminiscing about the 80"s!.