Joe Mahon: The man, the myth and the legend that is!

‘Joe Mahon From Irvinestown, A One Man Marketing Machine.’ This is a title in a newly published book written by Gerry McLaughlin, ‘Fermanagh’s Finest: Local Legends.’ We have to say we couldn’t agree more. The article makes for an interesting read and as a hotel, we can certainly attest to his legendary status.

The article in the book goes on to tell a few tales about ‘Wee Joe’ Mahon and the Mahon family history. Stories of the infamous Joe Mahon are shared, with a particular focus on his many years helping to run the Lady of the Lake festival.
One tale which is noted as ‘Joe’s wackiest scheme’ goes like this – ‘Joe’s wackiest scheme was when he took out a £30,000 loan from Lloyds of London as a £30,000 reward for a Leprechaun! And he had to get permission for the parade of little people through the North Fermanagh town from the Parades Commission.’  

The article also goes into detail the backstory of the Mahon family. “This is the third generation of Mahon’s to be in the hotel. There were 11 in my father’s family. I grew up here and was born upstairs in room 4. All of the Mahon’s were born in room 1 and I was the last of the Mahon’s to be born here. Two hours after I was born, I was passed around the bar and I have been there ever since’ said 55 year-old Joe.”

The article ends by saying ‘one Joe Mahon has been making his native place into something really special for many years.’

All we can say is ‘Here’s too many more years of wacky wonderfulness.’

If you’d like to read the full piece … and let’s face it who wouldn’t! Call into Mahon’s Hotel and other local stockists (because it isn’t all about Joe).