Some Cats have all the Luck

They say black cats bring good luck and ‘Smudge’ certainly has plenty of luck. ‘Smudge’ had disappeared from Edenderry, outside Omagh over four weeks ago. But this little battling cat turned up on the doorstep of Mahon’s Hotel last Wednesday night, and fell in with an avid cat-lover in our receptionist Catherine. She kindly took the mystery cat to the local vets in the hope that she was micro-chipped.

Much to the delight of Catherine and its owner Joyce the cat was indeed micro-chipped. The cat was returned Joyce, who was taken aback by how far he had managed to travel and exceptionally surprised that her beloved Smudge was returned after so long. Their 14-year old pet dog was also very happy to have its buddy back.

This wasn’t the first time this plucky cat got bit by the travelling bug. Last summer it travelled in to Omagh, with their postman. The owner joked that this time Smudge decided to take its travels, inter-county. She believes that the cat may have hitched a lift with some builders who were working close to their home. However, the full homeward bound journey this cat had taken over the four weeks is still somewhat of a mystery.

Perhaps Smudge knew to visit Mahon’s Hotel as he heard it was pet-friendly and that he would be well-fed. Catherine and everyone at Mahon’s Hotel are glad he is now home safe and sound.