The Ghost of Mary Delaney - A Timely Tale For Halloween

It could be a little or wider known fact that the town clock in Irvinestown was installed by the late Dr Patrick Delaney during the 1800's.  So when we were deciding on a name for the function room at the hotel, we thought it fitting to call it after this auspicious character and his contribution to the town. 

At the official opening of the Delaney Suite, we were gifted a photo of Dr Patrick Delaneys wife, Mary Delaney, a notable collage artist of her time who created hundreds of pictures of flowers made from paper. 

To the staff at Mahons, Mrs Delaney will often keep them company during the late shift, or at least thats what one of our bar men in particular would say!  His convincing tales of how Mrs Delaney follows him around the Delaney Suite in the quiteness of the night after a raucous evening of music and dance would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, but not him, he is happy to have Mrs Delaney accompany him on his night time clear up in the Delaney Suite.