The Mahons Family Reunion Weekend..............Survived.

What a weekend and a massive thank you to my Mahon friends, related or not, it was such a great weekend for craic, chat and a bit of entertainment thrown in.  They travelled from near and far, some stayed the entire weekend and some came along for part of it, regardless - it was good to get family and friends together.  It made me think on Monday, how important family really are, they have your back, they share some of the same memories, hold quite a few of the same family secrets, (not that there are many in the Mahon Clan!!) but when it comes down to it, there is an unspoken connection that brings us all together.  We'll be having another reunion next year,  just wondering if as you read this, you might consider getting your clan together, and for no other reason but to celebrate the wonderful, weirdness of family.