The Mahons from Canada

Back at the end of September we had the pleasure of welcoming Patti Marra and her mother Wanda to our hotel, all the way from the ‘Great White North’. They arrived and told us of the great Mahon reunion they had arranged in 2019. On their return Patti kindly sent us some information about their family history and their reunion celebrations.

‘We had a 200th year family reunion celebrating the 200 year anniversary of our ancestors arriving in Canada from Ireland’ explained Patti. 

‘James Mahon & Ellen Troy left Phillipstown, County Offaly (now Daingean) in 1819 with 8 children from toddler to 20, went to Dublin (we assume via the canal) and boarded the Ajax. They landed in Canada and settled in Drummond County.’

‘My Mom, Wanda, was part of the reunion organizing committee and collectively they reached out all over North America to find descendants of the original 8 children. They successfully connected with people descended from 6 of the original 8 children.’

‘It was a wonderful reunion with about 200 people attending. There were fun activities for kids, a cemetery service at the gravesite of James & Ellen Mahon, an Irish historian talking about the troubles & emigration, a room of pictures, family bible & documents, a dinner & dance with wonderful music. Many of us got together the next morning for brunch before taking our leave.’

‘Many wonderful connections were made with talk that we have to do it again.’

Patti went on to explain how they came to stay with us in September:

‘Someone from Mahon’s Hotel connected on Facebook earlier this year inviting people on the Mahon Reunion Facebook group to attend the Mahon reunion the hotel was hosting.’

‘We couldn’t make that but it was wonderful to hear there was a Mahon’s Hotel! And since Mom & I had planned a trip to Ireland in September we decided we had to stay at Mahon’s Hotel!’

‘We loved our trip and visit. Joe and the entire team welcomed us and we both enjoyed visiting with Joe and hearing about his family history and the hotel.’

It is always wonderful to hear stories from our guests and it was truly a pleasure to welcome such fantastic guests. Thankfully the feeling was mutual when these visitors came around.

‘Many thanks for the wonderful experience and memories! Until the next time! Patti.’